Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girl time

I love having a daughter. Really. There are so many fun things to do with a girl, especially a girl and her mom. It can be as simple as shopping. Yesterday, my mom, Carlee and I went shopping. Carlee loves to shop. My little social butterfly likes to flirt with anyone who makes eye contact. She's an angel too. We were out for several hours and she was good as gold. (which makes it more fun for mom to shop).

But Sundays usually have some girl time. Brent plays basketball on most Sundays. Most of the time, it conflicts with Carlee's morning nap, so we stay home. This is when we have girl time. One week, Carlee and I jammed out to some tunes. She danced in her little johnny jumper like she was a rock star. I even took a video of her dancing to Cyndi Lauper. (Good taste, eh?) Today was gorgeous outside. I took my girls (Carlee and Nikki) for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. The girly stuff started after we got home. I painted Carlee's toenails. She's a pretty wiggly girl, and we had a couple schmucks on a big toe. Brent walked in when I was nearly finished. "What are you doing?!?" he asks when I am down on my hands and knees with my face almost on the floor. I'm sure it was a comical sight. Nevertheless, Carlee has great hot pink toenails. Maybe I'll paint mine to match!

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  1. Having a girl seriously rocks. Savannah is my best friend in the world (besides Dan of course). I tell people she is the only one who understands that shopping really is great therapy, chocolate really is the best medicine, and a great pair of jeans really is worth any amount of money ;)